typography , Quark Express , Rasie the Red Lantern

An typography/art project that transfers the form dialogue of a movie from sound to text.

The Dialogue Book is one of my favorite projects done for Typography. It is a Art piece blends the Chinese culture with Westerns, which reflects the culture I grew up with and it’s aesthetic to look at. The idea of this Art project is to have us explore the context of the typography use. The content, the font, the size, the colors, the space, the variations in between are as important as medium choice. The Artist is always responsible with coming up with the possibilities of combinations where designer is the one who made the most sensible choice to deliver the solution to a problem. The dialogue I chose is from the movie Raising the Red Lantern, which talks about the inequality between genders back in China in the 20s that women were objectified. The dialogue was about Songlian (the main character who was being sold to a family as their 4th wife) fought her way up with other wives. In the dialogue book, I used the original dialogue from the movie but at the same time I used Chinese character to describe the character’s emotion. Using the rice paper for the Chinese character, the book itself contains a form of digital calligraphy. I sew the pages together using an old fashion binding technique that spills a hint of when the setting of the movie. Overall, this is a very successful piece that had been shown in the UH Gallery.

Last work


UH Bookstore

Book-signing poster

Working as a graphic designer assistant at University of Hawaii at Manoa, I designed numerous posters and advertising materials for print.

advertising , Adobe Photoshop , UH Bookstore

WoodSmoke BBQ & Grill

Branding & Logo Design

Never underestimate a well-designed logo. Ever since I designed the logo for WoodSmoke BBQ & Grill, a food truck in Queensland, Australia, their business has been blooming.

branding , Adobe Illustrator , WoodSmoke BBQ & GRILL

Aircraft Illustrations

Illustrations for flight mobile app

Vector graphics are scalable, which mean they save time and space to load in applications. I vectorize graphics for clients, my work includes the interior design of aircrafts.

illustration , Adobe Illustrator , The Longbow Group

The Seven Champions of Typography

Typesetting for Chapter 7

Typography is what sets a professional apart. Skills like kerning and leading are essentials. During the completion BFA design program, I typeset one of the chapter 7 of The Seven Champions of Typography for the typography class.

typography , Quark Express

Charcoal Paintings

Still life painting with mannequin

To be a designer, one would have to be able to observe, understand and reflect. Life painting and drawing can always be a good exercise. Check out some of my works using charcoal and pencil.

painting , charcoal & pencil

Tutor Hawaii

advertising postcard

As a graphic designer at Tutor Hawaii, I design brochures and flyers to reach out to the boarder community through mails.

advertising , Tutor Hawaii


Logo Design

Logo design for binary analytic application, MachOViz, developed by ANRC.

branding , Adobe Illustrator , ANRC

Vector Graphics

App icons

I vectorize and illustrate graphical elements for App developments.

illustration , Adobe Illustrator , mobile app


Booklet design

Kakaako in Honolulu is a new SOHO area for the youth and creativity. The booklet was created in honor of such energy.

typography , Quark Express , Kakaako

Watercolor Paintings

Kahanamuku Lagoon

Painting gives us a moment to stop and to see. Watercolor is one of my favorite medium capturing life.

painting , watercolor , Kahanamuku

Tutors For Scholars

SES Brochure

A flyer designed for Supplemental Education Services provided by TutorsForScholars.

advertising , Tutors For Scholars


Branding & Logo Design

A logo is designed for iiiEducation which is a company who focuses on individualized education.

branding , Adobe Illustrator


Posters Design

Located next to the Honolulu International Airport, Mapunapuna is an industrial area that holds a great deal of potential. A booklet along with 3 posters were designed to address the idea of how public and private space is defined.

typography , Quark Express , Mapunapuna

Oil & Pastel Paintings

Oil painting of a pregnant woman

The first step to successful design is to understand the problem. Taking a moment to breath and do Art gives us a brief moment to pause and understand.

painting , oil paint , life painting


Giftcard Design

RainBowTique is the official boutique that sells athletic apparel of University of Hawaii. I worked for their advertising department and I am in charge of designing their marketing materials.

advertising , Adobe Photoshop , RainBowTique

Tutors For Scholars

Logo Design

A logo design for Tutors For Scholars, an interstate tutoring company that provides supplemental education services to children who need help.

branding , Adobe Illustrator , Tutors For Scholars

Cooking Bracelet

Typesetting recipes

A typography solution that put cooking recipes on a paper bracelet.

typography , Adobe Illustrator

UH Auxiliary Enterprises

UH Sustainability

A No-smoking poster designed for the UH Sustainability program.

advertising , Adobe Photoshop , UH Sustainability


Identity & Stationary Design

Each candidate advocate his/her own identity in the design industry with advertising stationary includes business logo, business cards, postcard, thank-you card, contract forms, envelopes and stickers.

branding , advertising , printed and digital media

Raise the Red Lantern

The Dialogue Book

An typography/art project that transfers the form dialogue of a movie from sound to text.

typography , Quark Express , Raise the Red Lantern

Health Check-up Day

Pro bono flyer

A Pro bono flyer designed for the Chinese Lutheran Church. The heart symbolize the care the health care providers have for the community.

advertising , volunteer

Targeted Instruction

Branding & Logo Design

Targeted Instruction is a Startup that provides solutions to K-12 struggle with learning disability. The owner asked for a simple professional look.

branding , Adobe Illustrator

Illustrated Graphic Elements

Take Me Out (Mobile App)

Graphic elements are illustrated with Adobe Illustrator for either Mobile or Web Development.

illustration , Adobe Illustrator , volunteer

88 Tees

T-shirt Design: Yaya

88 Tees is a famous T-shirt company in Honolulu. Their designs are unique, original and sold exclusively in Honolulu. Demands are high every month.

illustration , Adobe Illustrator , 88 Tees

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