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aloha! i'm a graphic artist


Living in Chicago

Graduated from the best design program in Hawaii, I am lucky enough to be granted a role to create. I am always intrigued by the sense of diversity, but yet, in an organized way. I love to create a well-balanced, harmonious solution that soothes the eyes, but yet speaks the voice.

Last work


UH Bookstore

Book-signing poster

Working as a graphic designer assistant at University of Hawaii at Manoa, I designed numerous posters and advertising materials for print.

advertising , Adobe Photoshop , UH Bookstore

WoodSmoke BBQ & Grill

Branding & Logo Design

Never underestimate a well-designed logo. Ever since I designed the logo for WoodSmoke BBQ & Grill, a food truck in Queensland, Australia, their business has been blooming.

branding , Adobe Illustrator , WoodSmoke BBQ & GRILL

Aircraft Illustrations

Illustrations for flight mobile app

Vector graphics are scalable, which mean they save time and space to load in applications. I vectorize graphics for clients, my work includes the interior design of aircrafts.

illustration , Adobe Illustrator , The Longbow Group

The Seven Champions of Typography

Typesetting for Chapter 7

Typography is what sets a professional apart. Skills like kerning and leading are essentials. During the completion BFA design program, I typeset one of the chapter 7 of The Seven Champions of Typography for the typography class.

typography , Quark Express

Charcoal Paintings

Still life painting with mannequin

To be a designer, one would have to be able to observe, understand and reflect. Life painting and drawing can always be a good exercise. Check out some of my works using charcoal and pencil.

painting , charcoal & pencil

Tutor Hawaii

advertising postcard

As a graphic designer at Tutor Hawaii, I design brochures and flyers to reach out to the boarder community through mails.

advertising , Tutor Hawaii


Logo Design

Logo design for binary analytic application, MachOViz, developed by ANRC.

branding , Adobe Illustrator , ANRC

Vector Graphics

App icons

I vectorize and illustrate graphical elements for App developments.

illustration , Adobe Illustrator , mobile app


Booklet design

Kakaako in Honolulu is a new SOHO area for the youth and creativity. The booklet was created in honor of such energy.

typography , Quark Express , Kakaako

Watercolor Paintings

Kahanamuku Lagoon

Painting gives us a moment to stop and to see. Watercolor is one of my favorite medium capturing life.

painting , watercolor , Kahanamuku

Tutors For Scholars

SES Brochure

A flyer designed for Supplemental Education Services provided by TutorsForScholars.

advertising , Tutors For Scholars


Branding & Logo Design

A logo is designed for iiiEducation which is a company who focuses on individualized education.

branding , Adobe Illustrator


Posters Design

Located next to the Honolulu International Airport, Mapunapuna is an industrial area that holds a great deal of potential. A booklet along with 3 posters were designed to address the idea of how public and private space is defined.

typography , Quark Express , Mapunapuna

Oil & Pastel Paintings

Oil painting of a pregnant woman

The first step to successful design is to understand the problem. Taking a moment to breath and do Art gives us a brief moment to pause and understand.

painting , oil paint , life painting


Giftcard Design

RainBowTique is the official boutique that sells athletic apparel of University of Hawaii. I worked for their advertising department and I am in charge of designing their marketing materials.

advertising , Adobe Photoshop , RainBowTique

Tutors For Scholars

Logo Design

A logo design for Tutors For Scholars, an interstate tutoring company that provides supplemental education services to children who need help.

branding , Adobe Illustrator , Tutors For Scholars

Cooking Bracelet

Typesetting recipes

A typography solution that put cooking recipes on a paper bracelet.

typography , Adobe Illustrator

UH Auxiliary Enterprises

UH Sustainability

A No-smoking poster designed for the UH Sustainability program.

advertising , Adobe Photoshop , UH Sustainability


Identity & Stationary Design

Each candidate advocate his/her own identity in the design industry with advertising stationary includes business logo, business cards, postcard, thank-you card, contract forms, envelopes and stickers.

branding , advertising , printed and digital media

Raise the Red Lantern

The Dialogue Book

An typography/art project that transfers the form dialogue of a movie from sound to text.

typography , Quark Express , Raise the Red Lantern

Health Check-up Day

Pro bono flyer

A Pro bono flyer designed for the Chinese Lutheran Church. The heart symbolize the care the health care providers have for the community.

advertising , volunteer

Targeted Instruction

Branding & Logo Design

Targeted Instruction is a Startup that provides solutions to K-12 struggle with learning disability. The owner asked for a simple professional look.

branding , Adobe Illustrator

Illustrated Graphic Elements

Take Me Out (Mobile App)

Graphic elements are illustrated with Adobe Illustrator for either Mobile or Web Development.

illustration , Adobe Illustrator , volunteer

88 Tees

T-shirt Design: Yaya

88 Tees is a famous T-shirt company in Honolulu. Their designs are unique, original and sold exclusively in Honolulu. Demands are high every month.

illustration , Adobe Illustrator , 88 Tees

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